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A Lemonade Day Message From Valu Home Centers

As the proud presenting sponsor of Buffalo’s first Lemonade Day, we have a special message for all of the young entrepreneurs who will be selling their lemonade on Saturday!

Thank you for particiapating in Lemonade Day! By building your own lemonade stand, creating a quality product, and selling your product at a fair price, you’re already learning the skills required to run your very own business.

Our company was founded over 48 years ago by four men who dreamed of a better life for themselves, their families, and their community. They worked very hard and took big risks in the pursuit of their vision of a shopping experience designed for the do-it-yourselfer, with customer service at the heart of their business model.

We are proud to say that Valu Home Centers remains family owned and operated, and stronger than ever despite fierce competition from ‘big box’ retail operations.


We are grateful for the privilege to give back to the people of the cities and towns where our stores are located in gratitude of their loyal support. After you “spend some” and “save some” of your earnings, we encourage you to give some back to your community, too.

Congratulations on your first business venture! We are glad to play a role in inspiring the next generation of DIY enthusiasts and local business owners, just like you, and like our founders in 1968. Now get out there, and achieve your dreams!

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To learn more about Buffalo’s first Lemonade Day, please visit or click here.

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