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How To Make A Cutting Board Using Recycled Skateboards!

Guest blog by Katie McGinnis of Trebird

Did you ever think that you could take something that would originally go to the trash and turn it into something awesome AND useful? Did you ever think of the possibility of utilizing an old skateboard for your next DIY project? That’s right – skateboards.

When you get down to the core of it, you’re simply working with wood. If you’ve worked with wood in the past, this is a simple project for you. I know you’re probably asking, “Why work with skateboards when I can use a nice piece of oak or mahogany instead?” Simple. THE COLOR! There are SO many different colors inside of a skateboard and you wouldn’t even know about it unless you cut into it! So, for this project we’ve decided to show the colors that we love so much by making a cutting board.

For this project you will need:

For this specific cutting board, I really wanted to show all of the colors that are mixed in the plys of a skateboard. To do this and to avoid any type of concaving, or curving of the finished board instead of a flat surface, we would have to cut the boards into vertical strips.

First, we took 3 different skateboards down into ¾” strips with the table saw.  Next, we cut off the ends to make sure the center of the boards were the same lengths. Be sure to wear your safety glasses and use all proper safety techniques when using power saws!


After that I sanded down each strip to get off any excess glue, and to remove the graphics on the back of the board to make sure the Titebond II wood glue would stick. I got mine at my local Valu Home Center!


Once each piece was sanded, I lined the pieces up to the pattern that I wanted to create. I then glued each piece with Titebond II wood glue and stacked the pieces accordingly. After the pieces were stacked, I used 2 clamps to make sure the block would dry properly.


When each piece was clamped, I wiped off the excess glue and let it sit for 24 hours. Once the pieces were dry, I cut off any loose ends with a chop saw and finished sanding the blocks with P120 and P320 sandpaper for a smooth finish.


The cutting board was then finished with coconut oil to bring out the color of the skateboards. Coconut oil is non-toxic and food safe.


TADA! Probably the coolest cutting board ever. Not to mention, a great gift for that person you know who has everything – it’s truly one of a kind!

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