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Infinity Paints Shopping Spree Giveaway Winners!

Wish these folks “congratulations!” because it was just their lucky day!

Over the summer, our customers entered a giveaway sponsored by Infinity Paints and AAA for their chance to win a trip to Walt Disney World, or a Valu Home Centers shopping spree. Below are some photos of a few of our lucky shopping spree winners! They took home a $250 Valu Home Centers gift card.



“Paulette Smith & her husband have been good customers for years, here in Olean. They’re always a pleasure to help, and they are always smiling.”

“They usually enter any contests we have going at the time of their visit, even knowing that they can’t win them all, they stayed hopeful, and kept trying. Then the time came to pull out a name from our “in store” contestants, for the Infinity paint contest. Our assistant head cashier, Shelley Friskey, was the one that pulled Paulette’s entry form out of the box, and our Manager Sean Zamberlan was ecstatic to phone her with the great news. It was an incredible feeling, to play a part in bringing such  “Amazing” smiles to such wonderful customers. I love being a part of the Valu team!”

 – Heather Beard, Assistat Manager at our location in Olean, NY


“Here is our Gift Card winner in Meadville, PA, Gary Hollabaugh with our Store Manager Sharon Hollabaugh!”

 – Kasandra Phelps, Floor Manager at our location in Meadville, PA


“Our $250 gift card winner Joanne Sullivan was in today to pick up her gift card. She was wondering why Valu was calling her but thrilled with the answer!”

 – Chris Martina, Store Manager at our location in Yorkshire, NY


“We just presented our $250 gift card winner with her prize. She was the most appreciative person I have ever met.”

“She told us Valu is her favorite store to shop at as the service is better than any of the big box stores. She never thought she would win anything and is so appreciative of this gift card. She is a Valu regular shopper and a very nice woman, on behalf of her and her family, she wishes to thank everyone!”

 – Amanda Pagano, Assistant Manager at our location in Niagara Falls, NY


“Kathleen Vitthuhn is a regular shopper at the Nash Rd. Location. Kathleen said she is thankful to Valu and Infinity for providing this prize and she is looking forward to working on several home projects with her gift card.”

 – Scott Maryniak, Store Manager at our location in North Tonawanda, NY


Congratulations to these winners, and all of those who were selected for this $250 gift card prize! Stay tuned for the grand prize drawing later this month.

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