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Lemonade Stand Decorating With Townsquare Media

Lemonade Day is a chance for kids to be entrepreneurs for the day by running their own lemonade stand!

By participating in Lemonade Day, kids learn the business and life skills needed to set a goal, make a plan and work the plan. All of the money they make is theirs to keep, though they are encouraged to “spend a little, save a little, and give a little back.”

Townsquare Media, home to some of your favorite Buffalo radio stations like WYRK, MIX 96, WBLK, and JACK FM, is hosting Buffalo’s first ever Lemonade Day is on Saturday, June 18th. We are proud to be the presenting sponsor of this inaugural event, and the official supply store for all of your lemonade-stand-building needs.

To help you get inspired, each of the Townsquare radio station DJ’s got creative and decorated a lemonade stand to reflects their station’s style.

Lemonade Day will be here soon, so it’s time to build and decorate your own lemonade stand!


To download and print our suggested supply list, click here!

This lemonade stand design is just a suggestion, so feel free to get creative and make your lemonade stand unique! You could use a table, zip tie three pallets together, grab some lengths of PVC pipe and build a frame, put a sheet of plywood over two Sterilite totes – the possibilities are endless. If you need help bringing your idea to life, visit our knowledgeable Associates for product information, building suggestions, and decorating supplies.

We’ll see you on Saturday, June 18th!

To learn more about Lemonade Day, or to sign your child up to participate, visit today!

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