Mural Painted By Angelina Emmons Completed At North Park Junior High


Back in July, Valu Crew cleaned up the courtyard at North Park Junior High School to create a space for students and faculty to enjoy.

We went out into our community and rolled up our sleeves to trim shrubs, pull weeds, pick up debris, and paint to add some color to the courtyard. Valu Crew enables any member of the Valu Home Centers team to take an active role in bettering our community, and to amaze our customers with our hard work and dedication. This initiative puts the do-it-yourself knowledge of the Valu Home Centers Team in action through service to our community.

Before & after our Valu Crew clean up!

Angelina Emmons, North Park Junior High alumnus, offered to user her amazing artistic ability to paint a mural in the newly cleaned up courtyard!

Angelina is an aspiring artist who loves to draw, and primarily enjoys working with markers. For this project, she challenged herself to draw on a much larger scale, and work with a new medium: Dutch Boy Dirt Fighter exterior paint!

Thank you to our vendor partners for helping make this project possible!

We received generous support for this project from our long-time vendor partners at Pratt & Lambert paints. Please consider choosing their paints to support brands that help us make a difference in the communities that we serve the next time you visit your local Valu Home Center.


After the mural was finished, we were able to get an exclusive interview with the artist.

Valu Home Centers: How did you first become interested in art? 
Angelina Emmons: I first became interested in art through school. It  was a mandatory class we took for the first 8 grades including kindergarten, and though I thoroughly enjoy it, I always had problems with finishing before the deadline. I soon learned in 5th grade that you can, in fact, do art on your own time and it is then that you can do it how you wish and when you wish.
VHC: This was your first mural. What are some of the challenges you encountered and overcame while painting? 
AE: I quickly adapted to the different paint, style and the fact that it was in fact on a wall, though I was wrong about how long it would take me. I don’t think I would do anything differently but be more prepared for the unexpected.
VHC: What does it mean to you to have painted a mural at the school you just recently graduated from? 
AE: It is wonderful seeing the school again and revisiting all the great memories that took place in that building. It is an attempt to give back to a school that taught me so much and took care of me for two years. I hope that the students will appreciate not just the mural but what the rest of what North Park has to offer.
VHC: What advice do you have for North Park Junior High students who might want to get involved in art? 
AE: I would say to not only the student at North Park but people who are looking into art, that you should just do it. Whether it’s animating or painting you have to start somewhere and if you dwell on the fact that one drawing doesn’t look good you’ll never get to appreciate the ones that do. Art can be difficult and even stressful when you don’t know how or where to start but it will get better. Talk to your art teacher or even a friend who’s artistic ability you look up to. Art is all over your community and as long as you just start, you will soon become part of the community that art is.

We are so grateful to Angelina, and all of our dedicated Valu Crew volunteers, for transforming this courtyard space and giving it a new lease on life.