Valu Crew and the 2017 Hope Chest Dragon Boat Festival


On Saturday, June 17th, Valu Crew proudly participated in the 2017 Hope Chest Dragon Boat Festival.

Hope Chest is a Buffalo, NY based organization that provides a positive support group for breast cancer survivors. They offer a unique paddling program along with a distinct health and fitness program for breast cancer survivors of all ages and fitness levels. Hope Chest inspires breast cancer patients and survivors in any stage of treatment or recovery to lead active and fulfilling lives. The organization also promotes emotional healing through their unique physical fitness program.


The Dragon Boat Festival is Hope Chest's premiere event, which they host each summer in Buffalo, NY.

20 paddlers, a drummer and a steersperson enter the boat. No one leaves till they reach the finish line. It's all about teamwork - if even one paddler is out of sync, it slows the whole boat down. The sport also requires power, speed and endurance. Dragon boat participant skills range from novice to competitive, though no experience is required. With its beginnings in Southern China, dragon boating today is the fastest growing international team water sport and soon to be an Olympic event.


Valu Crew put their paddling skills to the test in support of Hope Chest's mission!

It was a blast learning about this exciting sport, and racing our dragon boat down the river at Buffalo RiverWorks. We put our teamwork to the test and rowed as fast as we could toward the finish line! Despite a rocky start, Valu Crew ended up winning the final race! Dragon Boat Festival 2018, here we come!



Check out the video below to watch one of our races:

Paddles up, Valu Crew!