Valu Crew Revitalizes Courtyard At North Park Junior High School


On July 27, 2016 Valu Crew volunteers to cleaned up the courtyard at North Park Junior High School, and created a space for students and faculty to enjoy this coming Fall!



Our dedicated Crew of Valu Home Centers team members spent their morning pulling weeds, trimming shrubs, painting doors, and preparing a wall for a mural.

Above, you see our "before" picture; the space was overgrown, neglected, and in serious need of some bright color! When we heard about this great project from Miss Singleton, a teacher at North Park Junior High School who had been working hard to give the courtyard a new life with the help of a small group of students, we jumped at the opportunity to help her get ahead in a hurry.




Valu Crew enables any member of the Valu Home Centers team to take an active role in bettering our community, and to amaze our customers with our hard work and dedication.

This new initiative puts the do-it-yourself knowledge of the Valu Home Centers Team in action through service to our community.




This big cleanup was just the beginning - a mural is coming soon!

To give this space a major burst of color, and add a creative touch to an otherwise bland space, former North Park Junior High School student Angelina Emmons will be painting her own original design on the wall Valu Crew prepped and painted white. Stay tuned to see photos of her finished piece.

After a morning of hard work.....


.....we accomplished THIS: