Winterizing Workshop At The University Heights CoLab



On Tuesday, October 6th we proudly collaborated with the University Heights Community Laboratory (also known as the "CoLab") and hosted a winterizing workshop!

One of our expert Training Program instructors, John Andrijczuk, taught members of the University Heights community tips and tricks for keeping their homes warm and cozy all winter long - without touching the thermostat.


John is an Area Coordinator, and has been a member of the Valu Home Centers Team since 2006. He has been a teacher in our Training Program for over 5 years. He specializes in painting and electrical, and has trained many Associates in those areas of the store and beyond. We are thrilled to have him, and could not be more proud that he takes his skills and talents out into the communities we serve.


The format was casual, and the audience was engaged. During this 40 minute session, John received great questions about specific ways to apply these techniques to attendee's homes. The session felt more like a dialogue than a lecture, and offered a comfortable forum for all DIY skill levels.



Some of the winterizing topics covered were:

  • Sealing drafts with caulk, including how to choose the right caulk, and how to ensure a smooth application
  • Applying a foam sealant to gaps and cracks, or larger holes that leak cold air.
  • Installing window insulation kits, especially in situations where it may not be easy to fill gaps or cracks in the window itself.
  • Using double-sided draft blockers and door sweeps to keep cold air from entering at your feet.
  • Checking for sources of drafts, like door moulding and baseboards.

Be on the lookout for more community workshops in the future!

The University Heights CoLab hosts regular workshops, and you can check out the next topic on their events calendar. We are excited to sponsor additional home improvement workshops by partnering with PUSH Green Buffalo, too! There are so many opportunities to learn and enhance your DIY skill set, so be sure to visit this wonderful asset in the University Heights neighborhood.