Make Your Home Hi-Tech with the PRIME Smart Outlet


Bring your home into the 21st century with the Prime Wi-Fi Controlled Indoor Outlet Adapter!



Smart homes give homeowners control over everything from home security to energy use, but automating your entire home can be expensive, overwhelming, and even unnecessary. If you don’t already have a smart-home hub, smart plugs could be the perfect compromise. These outlets give you the power to turn any device into a smart device!



What exactly are smart outlets, anyway? They’re small, easy-to-use devices that look like travel adapters. Just plug an appliance into the smart outlet and then plug the smart outlet into the wall socket. And that's it! Your existing appliances are now smart devices. Prime's smart outlet adapter is controlled with the Prime app, which you can download for free on both Apple & Android devices. The smart outlet can also be linked to Google Home® or Amazon Alexa®. It’s perfect for portable lamps, holiday decorations, and more!



The possibilities are limitless! Smart outlets can control almost any device that uses electricity. Here are some of our favorite smart outlet uses.

  • Washers and dryers. Receive notifications of when either appliance finishes a cycle and improve the washer or dryer energy usage.
  • Lights. Try combining smart plugs with motion detectors to turn on lights when you enter a room, or create scenes to adjust when outdoor or ornamental lights are in use, or decrease the power consumption of your Christmas lights during the holidays.
  • Coffee makers. Connect your coffee maker to a smart plug and set a time for it to turn on, and you’ll wake up to fresh coffee every morning. Program your smart plug to decrease the coffee maker wattage, or so it turns the pot off after a set amount of time.
  • Televisions and computers. Use scenes to monitor when computers and televisions receive power to create routines for children or to turn off devices at specific times, and use your smart plug to turn on the TV.
  • Gaming systems. Gaming consoles are notorious for consuming energy even when turned off. Cutting off power at the plug can save you money.
  • Refrigerators. Monitor your freezer or refrigerator energy consumption. Be sure to check if the energy rating of your smart plug is safe to handle the energy needs of your refrigerator or freezer.
  • Security cameras. Unlock the benefits of security cameras and program them to turn on and off as needed with smart plugs.
  • Slow cookers. A common use for smart plugs is to have dinner ready when you get home by scheduling your slow cooker to turn on at a specific time of day. Check out delicious crock-pot recipes that save time and energy.
  • Battery chargers. Older battery rechargers don’t always have the most effective automatic shut-off features. Use a smart plug to turn off power after a set amount of time.


Visit your local Valu to learn more, and to purchase the PRIME Wi-Fi Controlled Indoor Outlet Adapter today!