Essential Guide to Choosing an Entertainment Stand



A TV without a great entertainment stand is like...a nail without a hammer. Like Garfunkel without Simon. Like Valu Home Centers without great customer service.

Whether you need to hide electronics galore or your TV is mounted and you’ve gone completely wireless,

We’ve got everything you need to know when picking the best entertainment stand to accompany that big screen. We’ve compiled three essential questions you should ask before picking the best entertainment stand.

1. Are you looking for furniture first or a tech-centered piece?

If you’re looking for furniture first...

Pick a piece that looks more like a buffet or dresser so it blends into your space. 


If technology is your priority…

Look for an entertainment stand with open shelves for the BluRay player, Nintendo Switch, and Apple TV. Drawers hide remotes and game controllers.


2. Is your TV mounted or placed on your entertainment stand?

If your TV is mounted…

You might just need something for storage. Consider a small credenza or accent storage cabinet that’s more decorative or a minimalist TV Stand with simple open shelves.


If your TV is placed on your entertainment stand…

Start by measuring your TV screen diagonally to ensure you select a piece that’s the right size. If space allows, select an entertainment stand that gives you room to grow as you upgrade to a bigger screen in the future.


3. Do you want display? Or storage and display?

If you’re looking for display…

Find an entertainment stand with open shelves to show off your stuff.



If you want storage and display…

Go with glass doors on a display cabinet. Glass doors display your favorite items and let remotes and other electronics function properly but still keep everything contained. Yes; you can have your cake and eat it, too. 


If you have any questions or want to see one of our featured pieces for yourself, stop by your local Valu Home Centers! Our selection of Sauder Furniture may vary per store, so feel free to call ahead and confirm in-stock inventory.