Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag)


Feed the birds! Feeding birds year round greatly improves their chances to survive any food shortages that occur.


Mary Poppins sang an entire song about feeding the birds. Who can argue with a flying, British nanny?

Birds benefit the most from winter feedings, but food shortages can happen during any season -- which means it's never a bad time to show our feathered friends some love! Let's break down a few different kinds of birdseed.

Bird Seed Mixtures


A great all-purpose option. Mixes like this are good for attracting a wide variety of birds -- there's a little something for everyone! We carry Country Pride Wild Bird Food, which is all natural and usable year-round. Country Pride contains Red Milo, Cracked Corn, Black Oil Sunflower, and Whitemillet.

Black Oil Sunflower


This is an excellent year-round food, due to the high oil content. Sunflower seeds are, however, especially helpful during the summer months, when birds are molting and require more protein.

Quick Tip: Establish a feeding routine and stick to it! Birds will become used to it and plan their visits accordingly.

Suet Cake


Essential in autumn and winter, as birds need high energy (high fat) foods to maintain their fat reserves and survive the frosty nights. Morning Song's Year-Round Suet, however, is perfect for all seasons - and more beneficial to the birds. In spring, it meets the increased energy demands of nesting birds. In the summer months, it acts as a substitute for insect-eating birds, especially in years when insects are scarce.



We've covered the basics...

...but there's so much more! Come on in to your local Valu Home Centers and browse our wide variety of foods and feeders for that special bird in your life. We also carry hummingbird feeders and nectar! If you have any additional questions, our knowledgeable associates are always ready to help.