Scotts 4 Step Lawn Care – Step 3: Turf Builder Summerguard & GrubEx


Step 3 of Scotts 4 Step Lawn Care is Turf Builder Summerguard.

What exactly does Summerguard do?

  • Feeds and strengthens against heat and drought
  • Kills and protects against listed bugs
  • Improves your lawn's ability to absorb water and nutrients

How do I use it?

  • Apply to a dry lawn, then water-in thoroughly to activate the product. For best results, use a Scotts® spreader.

When should I apply it?

As the name suggests, you can apply Summerguard anytime during the summer, from June to August.

What does Summerguard control?

Ants, armyworms, billbugs, chiggers, chinch bugs, crickets, fleas, grasshoppers, mole crickets, mealy bugs, sod webworms (lawn moth larvae), spiders, ticks, weevils (if those are even a real thing).


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