The ABC's & D's of Deck Care: Thompson's


Given, a traditional wood deck needs attention when it's exposed to harsh outdoor conditions, especially with the weather we experience in the Northeast! Sealing your deck with waterproofing stain is just one of the ways you can protect your deck from water and sun damage. Check out these steps for taking care of your outdoor wood:




Assess the deck

Splash some water on your deck. If the water is being absorbed, it’s time to clean and seal your deck. Check your square footage against the coverage rate on the can to find out how many gallons you need.


Tools & Products

You will need a drop cloth, gloves, rags, garden sprayer, a hose, and deck cleaner. When staining, you’ll need: paint brushes, deck pads, painters tape, rollers and trays, and a waterproofing coating.


Cleaning the deck

Applying to a clean surface helps ensure you don’t have peeling. Apply a deck cleaner using a pump-up sprayer. Wait 10-15 minutes, then begin lightly scrubbing the boards.



Read the label directions on your stain. The label will give you weather, temperature and wait-time guidelines.Remember, one thin, even coat does the job.

Looking for more info? Head on over to Thompson's "How To" page on their site.

Until next time, happy waterproofing