Waterproofing How-To: UGL DRYLOK® Products


Ok, we love UGL's DRYLOK® line. We're not saying that just because we sell it. It's the bees knees, the real deal, the best of the best. Seriously. America's number one selling masonry paint is, in fact, DRYLOK®. It's available in a number of specialty formulations to cater to every and all waterproofing projects.

Why is DRYLOK® so special? Unlike other paints, it penetrates the painting surface deep into it's pores and bonds tightly to ensure maximum water resistance.  IMPENETRABLE!

Here's a quick how-to for your next DRYLOK®-powered waterproofing project:

1. Prep

With masonry, you'll often find natural salt deposits called efflorescence surrounding cracks and porous areas. It'll show up as a white, powder-like substance. This, along with any dust or dirt, should be removed entirely before applying paint. To completely neutralize the salt, use UGL's Etch (powder form) or Liquid Etch.


2. Patch

Notice any large cracks, holes or leaks? Fill those with DRYLOK® Fast Plug®. Use a putty knife or trowel to apply and smooth out the material. It sets in 3-5 min after application and will affectively fill and seal those darn gaps! Gaps be gone! Just like that. Magic.

TIP: The juncture of the wall and floor tend to be a hot spot for leaks. Be sure to inspect this area thoroughly to catch those leaks early!


3. Paint

It's time to get your paint on. Use a hard-bristled brush that can handle the hardness of masonry. Get deep into the pores of the surface and apply a thick coat of paint. Let dry and paint another coat. We recommend at least 2 coats of paint for the 10 & 15 year warranty to be attained! Made a mess? That's a sign of hard work! Clean-up is easy - just use soap and water. 


That's it! For more information about UGL's DRYLOK products, find the nearest UGL-canny Valu associate or visit UGL's site.