Damage-Free Dorm Decor With Command™ Solutions!


Don't let college dorm room rules cramp your style this semester.

Making your small (and often shared) dorm room feel more like home can be a real challenge when you can't use nails, heavy duty tape, or thumb tacks - but not with Command™ by 3M. Using the wide variety of Command™ products available at your neighborhood Valu Home Center, you can bring all of your favorite accessories on campus, and decorate your dorm to reflect your personal style. To be sure that your decor will last as long as you'd like, properly prepare your walls for hanging, and carefully follow the directions to apply your Command™ product of choice.


Display your favorite posters and photos - even in their frames - using Command™ Damage-Free Picture Hanging Strips.

Depending on the product you select, Command™ Picture Hanging Strips and Poster Hanging Strips can hold up to 8 pounds. All Command™ products remove cleanly without damaging the picture frame, or your wall. Get creative with all of your favorite prints from home by hanging them in a stylish 'salon style' gallery wall. We'll let you decide whether or not to bring those awkward family photos....


Organize your accessories with Command™ Damage-Free Small Wire Hooks.

Most dorm rooms leave you looking for extra space. Save your flat surfaces from clutter by hanging accessories like jewelry, scarves, and belts from Command™ hooks on your walls, inside your closet, or on the side of your dresser to give your room a pop or color. Since Command™ products remove cleanly from wood, glass, painted drywall, and more, you can get the most out of any unused areas in your room.


Command™ Damage-Free Designer Hooks keep your everyday essentials ready to grab and go!

We get it - your schedule this semester is very demanding, and you don't want to be scrambling for your stuff when you're on your way to that 8 AM class. Hang your backpack, coat, hat, and other items you use every day right next to your door using Command ™ Designer Hooks, and never be late because you were looking for your keys, again.


Don't search for supplies, use Command™ Damage-Free Window Hooks to keep your desk in study shape.

Keeping your desk nice and neat doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Command™ clear hooks are available in a range of shapes and sizes, and are perfect for hanging in spaces where you don't want obvious hooks - like smack in the middle of your wall. Keep your supplies close and easy to access, then cleanly remove the hooks after you ace the exam.


Do. No Harm. With Command™ by 3M for college!