Get In The Game With Tailgating Essentials From Valu Home Centers


Football season is upon us! Prepare your team for tailgate glory with supplies from your neighborhood Valu Home Center.

You already know that Valu Home Center is your premiere destination for home improvement, DIY project supplies, and great advice to go with it - but have you seen our stock of seasonal items lately? With a great selection of in-store tailgating favorites like portable grills, tables, and folding chairs, paired with 67,000 items available in our online warehouse, you can create your perfect pre-game paradise.



Up your grill game before the big day.

A grill is the centerpiece of any great tailgate, and if you're still using a sub-par grill to whip up those legendary burgers, you are missing out! Valu Home Centers proudly offers a variety of tabletop grills, full-sized grills, and charcoal grills from brands you trust.


Go portable, pack easily, clean quickly.

Shop in-store, or our online warehouse for a selection of portable (or "tabletop") grills - with options including carts, griddles, and prep tables - to design your ideal cooking experience. Whether you're grilling up hot dogs or steaks, pick your favorite gas, electric, or charcoal portable grill and get going


For smaller tailgates try the CasusGrill -- the sustainable instant grill!


Eco-friendly. Biodegradable. Delicious. Made of cardboard and bamboo, this portable grill is enough to feed 4 hungry adults! The CasusGrill™ uses nature’s own building blocks to cook for 60+ minutes at 600º. Pure and simple. It’s a natural grill that offers the best way to prepare a meal outdoors.


Establish home base at your home field.

When food, friends, and fans of football come together, something magical happens. Upgrade your tailgate setup this season for maximum relaxation.

Always call your local Valu before visiting to verify current stock and pricing. Some items are online only!

Make your next tailgate party even more enjoyable!

Shield yourself from the elements with a convenient pop-up canopy, haul your stuff in a durable party tub, and relax comfortably in one of our easy-to-pack folding chairs. Choose from our in-store accessories, or browse our online warehouse for even more items.