Easy Stained Glass Window


The Valu Home Centers Team from Elmira, NY figured out a great, simple way to make your own stained glass windows! Here's how.


  • A pane of glass
  • Elmer's Multi-Purpose (white)
  • Weldbond Glue (clear) - or Elmer's Clear Glue
  • Your choice of color paints
  • Disposable cups for paint
  • Artist brushes and a stencil

Step 1 - Based on the size of your glass, select a stencil (Tip - Use Google to search what you're looking for. In our case we searched "Eagle Stencil")

Step 2 - Tape the stencil to the back of the glass.

Step 3 - While holding the white Elmer's Glue, pour black latex paint into the white glue. Shake or stir to mix the two together. This will be used for the outline of your stained glass image.


Step 4 - Using the white (now black) Elmer's Glue, trace the stencil onto the glass.


Step 5 - When done outlining, allow time to dry.

Step 6 - Mix the clear glue with the desired colors of your stained glass window design into disposal cups. In this case we mixed red, white, blue and gray. Use about 3/4-part clear glue and 1/4-part paint. The lighter the color, the more transparent it will look in the light.


Step 7 - Using the clear (now transparent colored) paint, fill in ares of color.


Step 8 - If desired, you can build a frame using materials like wood pallets, paint sticks or any other material available.


That's all it takes! Once placed in the sunlight, you will see the sure beauty that was created using these simple materials. Hope you enjoyed this project brought to you by #ValuCrew46!