Football Field Welcome Mat


Having a big crowd over for the NFL playoffs? Make this football field welcome mat and let your guests kickoff their shoes!

Here’s what you need:

  • Green carpeting or turf (cut to any size you want, we used 4’x3′)
  • Something to measure with
  • White spray paint (we used Rust-Oleum 2x)
  • Number stencils
  • Piece of cardboard to catch overspray
  • Masking tape (the wider the better)
  • Marker

Divide your field into 10 sections. For our dimensions, we started 2 inches in and then marked every 5.5 inches. As a side note, the black permanent marker was somewhat visible even after spray painting, so you might achieve better results with a less noticeable marker.


Use masking tape to cover the entire mat except for the lines that you marked off. This may seem like it will be time consuming and monotonous, but it actually only took about 15 minutes. Also, feel free to come up with your own creative ideas for masking the carpet!


Once you’re done taping, it’s time to spray away!


Wait a couple hours for the paint to dry, then remove the tape to reveal your crisp yard lines!


Most number stencils are too small to be able to spray paint and not get overspray, so use thick paper or cardboard to make a shield for your stencils.


Spray on your numbers! You don’t need a lot of paint, and if you use too much, it will collect on the bottom of the stencil and cause dripping.


And that’s it. The numbers could probably have been straighter, but hey, I’m sure you’ll do better! When you’re finished, be sure to share photos of your mat with us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. We’ll re-post photos for all of our followers to see!


Need a little help?

Not to worry! Visit your local Valu and speak to our knowledgeable Associates. They are always happy to answer questions about your project, and come up with unique solutions.