Clothespin Snowflake


Make your own glitter snowflake ornaments this holiday season!

This quick and easy DIY will instantly ramp up your home's holiday cheer. Watch the video below or read our guide to learn how!

Let's start with some supplies - you may have some of these lying around the house. If not, click here to find your nearest Valu Home Center!

  • Clothespins (8 clothespins per snowflake)
  • Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint
  • Krazy Glue All Purpose super glue
  • Twine or wire

Step 1: Take apart your clothespins

The first step is disassembling your clothespins. If you twist the two halves of the clothespins in opposite directions, the metal clamp that connects them should easily pop off.

Step 2: Glue your clothespins together

In pairs of two, glue the backs of your clothespins together so that they form a singular point.


Step 3: Glue some more!

Now that you have a bunch of clothespin spikes, we're going to glue these together to form the points of our snowflake. It may be easier to glue 4 points together first and let them set before adding the other 4 in-between clothespins. We used about 1 tube of glue per snowflake but admittedly may have gone overboard in a few places. If you're conservative (dot, dot, not a lot) you could probably get away with 1 tube for every 2 snowflakes.


Step 4: Spray paint!

Before you start spray painting, flip your snowflake over to hide any globs of glue that may have accumulated during the previous step. Now, go to town! We used Krylon Glitter Blast in the white "diamond dust" finish. The end result, however, wasn't quite as solid as we hoped and the wood of the clothespin was still visible. What's a good DIY project without a few hiccups? We remedied the situation by first spraying a layer of white Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X before using the Krylon glitter.

Krylon also makes a clear glitter sealer if you're the type of person who despises when glitter particles decide to go rogue. If you'd like a refresher on spray painting basics, check out our comprehensive guide.


Step 5: Hang it up

Once the paint is dry, glue twine or wire to the back of your ornament and hang it up on your Christmas tree. Whether it's a 14' Canadian pine or a modest Charlie Brown type, your new dazzling snowflake ornament will be sure to liven it up!


We would love to see photos of your finished project!

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