DIY Oversized Ornaments


Bigger is better! Maximize your Christmas cheer with these festive jumbo ornaments.

Here’s a quick supply list to get you started.

  • Globe light
  • Tuna can (12 oz)
  • Screw eye hook
  • Drill w/ bits
  • Metallic spray paint
  • LED battery powered light
  • Printed stencil
  • Tape
  • Scissors


Start by cleaning your tuna can. WD-40 works great to get rid of sticky label residue. Next, drill a hole in the center of your can. To decide which size bit to use, compare your eye hook to your drill bits and choose a size or two smaller than the hook.


Screw your eye hook into the top of your can.


Your tuna can will have some writing on it, which you can easily cover up with metallic spray paint


This is where you can really get creative. Print out or design your own stencil, tape it to your globe, and spray paint it. The color is up to you, but silver and gold work nicely.


Put a battery powered LED inside the globe and let your project shine!


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Need a little help?

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