How To Preserve Fall Leaves


The colorful leaves of Fall are nature's DIY supplies! Take advantage of this inspiring foliage by incorporating real leaves into your latest home decor project. They're plentiful, and easy to preserve!


Here are some of our favorite techniques to keep your leaves looking great all year long:

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1. Dip your leaves in wax

This great tutorial from Martha Stewart suggests using beeswax, but you can also use scented candle wax for a little extra spice.


2. Soak your leaves in a vegetable glycerin solution

The Mama's Girls show you how to 'marinate' your leaves, and keep them pliable for future crafting.


3. Iron your leaves between sheets of wax paper

This technique from DIY Network is quick and easy, and only requires basic supplies that you probably have at home.


4. Laminate your leaves

Protecting your leaves with plastic allows for play! With this great tutorial from Teaching Mama, your little ones can enjoy the fall leaves with minimal mess.



5. Seal your leaves

This helpful tutorial on Madigan Made shows you step-by-step how to use Mod Podge to seal your leaves. Many sealants looks opaque when applied, but dry to be completely clear. Spray sealants are also a good option, but only if you have proper ventilation. Be sure to read the label to see if you're going to end up with a glossy or matte finish!


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