Pumpkin Carving With a Drill


Switch things up this fall season with a pumpkin and a power drill!

Start by cleaning out your pumpkin.

You'll have to cut a hole in the top with a knife, but after that you can use a beater and a power drill to speed up the process!


Sketch your design with pencil or marker.

You'll need guides in order to know where to drill, so either freehand some dots or find a design online and print it out. (I freehanded)


Here's the fun part! Time to drill.

This is actually the easiest step. The drill cuts through the pumpkin really easily and is oddly satisfying.


Let your pumpkin shine!

You could, of course, light your new jack-o-lantern with a candle. But since we've already gone the unconventional route, try lighting it with one of these battery-powered LED lights! They're super bright and safer than a real flame.


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