New Life For Old Garden Hoses



"What should I do with my old garden hose?"

Well, that's a great question! Since hoses are typically made of a variety of materials, they usually can't be recycled. We recommend that you check with your local recycling center just in case, particularly since some will accept the metal pieces from the end of the hose even if they can't accept the whole thing.

"If I can't recycle it, should I throw it in the trash?"

That's an easy one - no way! Hoses are durable, bendable, and can be easily upcycled into a great new item for your home.

"What if I'm not creative?"

You most certainly are. To help get you inspired, we rounded up our favorite DIY projects using old hoses. Check them out below!

1. Outdoor rug


One of the great thing about hoses as a project material is that they're made to stand up to water! This rug, easily assembled with zip ties and a bit of patience, would be perfect for your mudroom, deck, or garage where it's likely to get muddy.

2. Cushion for a metal handle


A lot of DIY'ers have a 5 gallon bucket at home, and know that when it gets heavy, it can be pretty hard on your hands. Cut a length of hose to wrap over the handle for a comfy cushioned grip!

3. Wreath


Make a pretty garden themed wreath for yourself, or as a gift for the green thumb in your life.

4. Garden edging


Unique, colorful, and durable! Hoses woven around pipes make great edging for gardens of all sizes.

5. Trash bag stays


The perfect fix for an outdoor party: use cut lengths of hose to keep trash bags secured to can edges to avoid a mess later on.

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