Old Light Bulb Transformed into a Flower Vase!


The Valu Home Centers team in Elmira, NY found a unique way to give purpose to old burned out light bulbs.


You will need:

  • light bulb
  • hammer
  • pliers
  • chisel or a flat headed screw driver
  • metal clothes hanger or a steel rod
  • rocks (under 1/4" if desired)
  • spray paint

Step 1 - Using gloves and safety glasses, carefully break the base off the bulb (black in color).


Once it has been cracked, carefully pull out the guts of the bulb.


Step 2 - The stand. Using the steel rod or a metal clothes hanger, bend it into your desired shape. Be sure the top is able to house the bulb tightly. Otherwise, the bulb will not hang correctly. At this point you can paint your stand if desired.


Step 3 - Now it's time to place rocks or sand into the vase. Shown here we sprayed small rocks two different colors. Important: If using rocks, be sure to place water into the bulb before dropping the rocks into the bottom of the bulb to prevent from breaking. Wait for the stand to dry, put it all together and add your flowers. You're done!


Makes a great gift! Not sold in stores!

Out of all our in-store projects, this is one of our customers' most asked "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" project.

Need a little help?

Not to worry! Visit your local Valu and speak to our knowledgeable Associates. They are always happy to answer questions about your project, and come up with unique solutions.