Amazing Window Art By Jamie Spencer


Have you ever seen the amazing window art proudly displayed by our store in Bradford, PA?

Whether it’s The Great Pumpkin at Halloween, or Mickey Mouse on Independence Day, you’ll notice some very creative artwork painted on the windows in Bradford. We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the artist, Jamie Spencer!


Jamie is the Head Cashier in Bradford, and has been a member of the Valu Home Centers team since 2011.


Valu Home Centers: Can you tell us a little about your experience as a member of the Valu Home Centers team?

Jamie Spencer: I started off as a night cashier in September 2011, promoted to Assistant Head Cashier April 2013, then to Head Cashier November 2014.  I would like to also mention that we have an amazing management team that listens to my ideas and allows me the freedom to paint the windows.

VHC: How did you become interested in painting the windows?

JS: I have always had the love of drawing at a young age.  My parents were always buying me art supplies to encourage me.  In school I was always asked to draw projects for school functions. In past jobs once they found out I could draw they would ask me to draw for events.  I have also worked on chalkboards using pastels for a local supermarket.  For Christmas here in Bradford I have drawn a variety of characters that we display through out our store. It’s been within the past year I started doing window art.  We decided we wanted something different and decided to have me draw on the windows.

VHC: What is the best reaction you’ve heard about your paintings?

JS: “You free-hand those?”  They are amazed that I free-hand them.

VHC: Do you have any more paintings planned in the future?

JS: I do have future plans, however its always a surprise!!!



Next time you're in the Bradford area, be sure to stop by and see Jamie's latest artwork! Comment below to let her know which designs you want to see next.