Meet Nancy, Valu Associate and Community Gardener from Tonawanda, NY!


When she's not helping customers with their gardens, Nancy spends her time at the Town of Tonawanda Community Peace Garden.

The garden was started by Nancy in 2013 as a labor of love. She saw the potential in a vacant lot next to a local bar and decided to act. After receiving permission from the owner, Nancy got right to work in making her vision a reality!

"It turned out we got more donations than we thought we could ever get. The garden took off - it's an amazing thing!"


Take what you need. 

This is Nancy's policy when it comes to the garden, and it's a simple one. For Nancy, the community garden is about exactly that - the community.


One idea blossomed into a whole lot more!

Specifically, pumpkins, corn, rhubarb, spices & herbs, strawberries, tomatoes, lavender, tiger lilies...and of course sunflowers!


Whether you're taking on a project like Nancy's garden or working on your own home, there's people like Nancy at every Valu Home Centers to help you get the job done!

"If anybody's out there wanting to start a new community garden, I will be happy to help you."


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