Remembering Snowvember: 1 Year Later


One year ago today, Buffalo was hit with one of the worst snowstorms in history. That’s saying a lot for an area already infamous for its unpredictable lake effect snow.

The storm formally known as “Storm Knife”, but more commonly referred to as “Snowvember”, was certainly one for the record books. Beginning on November 17th 2014, more than 7 feet of snow fell in a very strong band, hitting Buffalo’s south suburbs the hardest. Most of these towns were in state of emergency for days to follow.


So, what do you do with 7+ feet of snow? Start digging.

We knew that the first priority for homeowners once the snow stopped falling was to get it off of their roofs, out of their driveways, and away from their sidewalks as quickly as possible. Our dedicated team sprang into action to get our stores opened, get our most-needed merchandise to the front of the store, and start replacing the items that were sure to sell out.

Members of our Senior Leadership Team helping to clear the snow. From left to right: Doug Wasiura (Director of Marketing & PR), Dan Diemert (Senior Director of Merchandising), Mike Ervolina (President), and TJ Gray (General Manager)

Scott Ortman (Senior Vice President of Operations) makes his way through the snow to our Lancaster, NY store.

When the big-box stores were out of shovels, salt, and other critical snow removal items, Valu was receiving full pallets.

Getting more supplies in extreme snow conditions is no easy task. Finding, ordering, shipping, and stocking more product takes teamwork – and a lot of plain ol’ work – but our winning team was up for the challenge.

Check out this video to see how we did it:

What if there is another Snowvember in the future?

Don’t wait for another epic snowstorm to prepare! One of the most important snow and ice removal supplies, rock salt, is mined in limited quantities, so we always encourage our customers to purchase an ample stock early in the season. Following the Snowvember storm, there were rock salt shortages all over the country, and it was very difficult for retailers to acquire more. Roof rakesheavy duty shovelssnow blowers, and other snow removal items are all better bought before you actually need them.

Valu District Managers loaded up their vans with ice melter, shovels, roof rakes, and other critical snow removal supplies to get them to the areas that needed them most.

Now for the photo gallery:

A year after this terrible storm, we can look back and laugh as we enjoy unseasonably warm temperatures and brace ourselves for what its supposed to be a much more mild winter. Take a look at these photos, collected from members of the Valu team, of some memorable moments during Snowvember 2014.

Thank you!

We are so grateful to our amazing Valu Home Centers team for rallying together and weathering the storm. Your hard work and dedication saw us through a very challenging time, and we are proud to have been able to serve our community despite the obstacles.

We would also like to thank our loyal customers for shopping with us for all of their Snowvember supplies! We hope to see you again in the future…and hopefully you won’t need to dig your way through the snow to visit us this time. Thank you for supporting local, family owned business!