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Rock Salt vs. Ice Melter

Everyone knows that keeping your walkways free of ice and snow is an important component of winter safety, but do you know which type of ice melter is best for your needs? There are four main types of ice melting products: rock salt, ice melt, calcium chloride, and pet friendly ice melter. While these products all achieve the same goal (melted ice), they each have unique advantages. Regardless of which melter you choose, remember to use it sparingly: too much of any ice melter can damage your walkway and the surrounding vegetation. Sand and gravel can always be used in place of ice melter for traction, especially in situations where it is too cold for ice melter to work effectively.

Rock Salt

  • Contains sodium chloride
  • Harmful to vegetation
  • Leaves a white residue
  • Can be used on blacktop, wood, and gravel
  • May be more corrosive to concrete than other options
  • Requires sun or heat to start melting process
  • Generally the most cost effective option
  • Melts down to 20°F

Ice Melter

  • Contains a blend of calcium chloride and magnesium chloride
  • Concentrated formula will not leave white residue
  • Safer for plants and vegetation than rock salt
  • Works 4 times faster than rock salt
  • Melts down to -15°F

Calcium Chloride

  • Concentrated formula will not leave white residue
  • Requires fewer applications than rock salt or ice melter
  • Safer for plants and vegetation than rock salt
  • Fast action (2-5 times faster than ice melter or rock salt)
  • Melts down to -25°F

Pet Friendly Ice Melter

  • Contains magnesium chloride pellets
  • More gentle on pet paws than rock salt
  • Safer for concrete and vegetation than rock salt
  • Varieties available that are free of sodium (safer if ingested by pets)
  • Melts down to -15°F

Still have questions about which type of ice melting product is right for you? Visit your local Valu and speak to any of our knowledgeable associates! We carry all four types of ice melter, and we’re always happy to help. We recommend calling ahead to verify that your neighborhood Valu store is currently stocked with the exact product you’re looking for.

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