Valu’s Commitment To Safety

Valu’s Commitment To A Safe And Healthy Workplace

At Valu we are committed to providing every member of the Valu family a workplace that is free of hazardous working conditions and harassment of any kind. Substance usage that is harmful to their health and well being is also not permitted.

With these standards in mind, Valu does make drug and alcohol testing mandatory for all new hires, and random for all associates that are part of our work force. In addition there is no smoking allowed during working hours anywhere on Valu premises.

When hired, a new associate will be introduced to our associate handbook, where each of our expectations are clearly expressed. You will learn what is expected, what is not acceptable, and how to report any concerns that arise during your term of employment. Access to the handbook is available at any time during your term of employment.

We’re excited about the interest you have shown in joining the Valu Team, and would like to thank you for selecting us for what we hope will be a long and enjoyable career!

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