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Saved By The Brush: An Upcycled Bench!

Guest blog by Jennifer Raymond of ImagineIfff

As much as we don’t want to believe it, Summer is coming to an end. It will soon be time to store your patio furniture away for the long, cold winter ahead. Often times, this is when the decision is made whether to store a piece of furniture or send it out to the curb, usually because it has seen better days. Before you send anything to the curb this Fall, take a step back and decide whether that bench, table, or chair still has some potential hidden inside! Believe me when I tell you ALMOST EVERYTHING has potential!

My latest DIY upcycle was this bench that did go to the curb (not by me, of course) because they didn’t see its potential! The paint was in pretty bad shape, but the overall structure was solid.

Materials for this project:

  • Exterior Paint + Primer (A friendly paint Associate at Valu Home Centers helped me pick out the best type of paint to use, and I went with this fantastic color called Caribbean Holiday!)
  • Sand Paper
  • Paint Brush
  • Newspaper + Rags

The first step in the process was to sand off any paint or wood pieces that were chipping away. I used a coarse sand paper because the paint on the bench was in pretty rough shape. You may need to use a finer sand paper depending on your project. My best advice is to start with a fine piece and move to a coarser one as needed.

Once I got the bench sanded, I took the rag and wiped it down to get any loose paint pieces and dust away from the bench. I then went a step further and, with a wet rag, I wiped it down from top to bottom. It seemed as though this bench had been sitting outside in the weather so it really needed a good cleaning!

Once it dried, I laid newspaper down under the bench to protect my driveway from any paint and grabbed my paint and paintbrush! Remember to shake and/or stir your paint well before you use it.

I put an even layer of paint on the bench from top to bottom, and after letting it dry completely (I waited overnight and stored it inside the garage), I gave it a second coat of paint.

The last step to this DIY upcycle was simply to freshen it up with some fun new cushions! What a difference a little love and a little paint can make!

The next time you are thinking about throwing that old piece of patio furniture to the curb, first, think about bringing it back to life with a fresh coat of paint. Not only are you saving money but you are also saving space in those landfills! Happy Crafting!

Imagine all of the beautiful crazy possibilities!

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