About the Manager

Carrie joined the Valu Home Centers team in 2009. She enjoys being the Store Manager at our location in Amherst, NY because she loves how "our company empowers us to do everything we can to help our customers. We have a phenomenal online warehouse at our fingertips, we have one-on-one relationships with our vendors, and we have a great training program in place for our Associates to elarn and teach from. All of this helps us keep our stores ready for everyone's needs." Carrie is proud to provide amazing customer service by going the extra mile to make sure that they have all of the products, knowledge, and confidence to take on a project themselves, and gain a sense of accomplishment! She is a do-it-yourself enthusiast, and has done most of the repairs and upgrades on her home herself. Carrie loves Amherst because she sees members of the community helping out every day, whether it's contributing to a fundraising campaign, running or volunteering for events, or helping other customers in the store. She believes that Amherst is one of the most generous locations she has ever worked in! When asked what the best thing about Valu Home Centers is, Carrie says "I have always enjoyed being able to help our customers with their fairly straightforward projects, but I really live for the unique situations that require you to think outside of the box. Come to us with your 'stumper' (and some photos, if possible), and my team will show you what we've got!"

3275 Sheridan Drive
Amherst, NY 14228




Daily: 8AM - 10PM
Sunday: 9AM - 6PM

About this Location

Valu Home Centers is located in Amherst, NY at 3275 Sheridan Drive between Bailey Avenue and Sweet Home Road.