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Thanksgiving Traditions 2014

As a family owned business, we believe that it is important for our hardworking, dedicated staff to be able to spend time with their families during the holiday season. For this reason, we shorten working hours during the winter, and keep our stores closed on Thanksgiving (and Christmas, too). This year, we asked some of the members of our great team to weigh in on what they’ll be looking forward to most on Thanksgiving! Check out a few of their responses below.


“Our traditions include a big family dinner, watching football, and playing board games as late as we can manage to stay up :)”

-Lisa Pratt, Floor Manager in Bradford, PA

“On behalf of Team 48 (Owego) every associate and manager are extremely thankful for Valu Home Centers closing their doors on Thanksgiving Day so we can spend time our Families, Eat wonderful food, and of course football. Not many companies do this anymore. Valu Home Centers understands the meaning of FAMILY. THANK YOU!!!!!”

-Store Team in Owego, NY

“Thanksgiving 2014 marks the 34th Thanksgiving Holiday I have enjoyed having off to be with family. Our tradition was to have dinner at my Mothers with the entire family. My Brothers and I would play football and watch football and eat and eat and eat. My Mother passed in 2003 and my kids have grown up and moved away so the last few years Sharon and I just stay home and have turkey dinner. I now have three grandchildren and hopefully we will be starting a new tradition where I get to watch them play some football.”

-Steve Carlson, Store Manager in Bradford, PA


“Every year my family has an “open door” policy for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone is welcome, so anyone who may not have family or is simply too far from them to get together, are all welcome. The thing I ask of them before they eat, is everyone must share something they are thankful for. I believe, no matter how bad things seem at times, there is always something to be grateful about, and saying it out loud simply reminds us about it. The other Thanksgiving tradition we do is more anonymous, but we do it as a family. We create a basket full of everything required to make a Thanksgiving feast, including treats and goodies. We give it to a local church that has the names of families that are in need for the holidays, and have them deliver it the night before to one of those families.”

-Heather Beard, Floor Manager in Olean, NY

“For several years I have hosted what I call the ‘orphans Thanksgiving.’ It’s for people who have nowhere else to go, or no family. Sometimes I have just a few, but this year I will have at least 11 people. I do a traditional dinner, and if someone asks what they can bring, I tell them anything they would like, besides a good appetite and containers for leftovers of course. We have a lot of laughs and a good meal.”

-Linda Padilla, Associate since 2009 in Olean, NY


“After the hustle and feasting on Thanksgiving Day, my family sits down and watches A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  That in itself is probably done by many, but while watching Charlie Brown we have the dinner that Charlie Brown made for his friends, toast and popcorn.  It is just a small thing that we all look forward to every year. “

-David Collins, Store Manager in Cortland, NY

“With fall exiting and winter entering the Butterfield family looks forward to spending quality time together enjoying the holiday season.  Our Thanksgiving Day usually starts out with my daughter Morgyn waking me up before the alarm goes off asking me to get up and cuddle and watch television with her.  My wife Jessica gets up and starts dinner.  Morgyn picks some movies that she wants to watch and then she wakes up her brother Nick.  As dinner is cooking we all settle into the living room and start enjoying the movies.  Morgyn plays musical laps going to each of us.  After dinner we clean up the kitchen and play some cards.  My daughter is pretty good at trash.  This is only made possible because I do not have to work.  From the Butterfield family to Valu we thank you for this time!!  We would also like to wish our Valu family a very Happy Thanksgiving!!”

-Eric Butterfield, Store Manager in Owego, NY

“It’s that time of the year again where the leaves have changed and the cold is starting to set in, that only means one thing; Family and Holidays.

One of my favorite Holidays of the year is Thanksgiving.  My family and I are so thankful that Valu closes their doors on this day to spend quality time with family and friends.  On the other hand, the big box stores open right during dinner time and put profit before family.  I have been with Valu for 8 years now and I can say Valu is 100% a family orientated company and I can go on and on.

A typical Thanksgiving Day in the Thorpe house is a follows: At six o’clock the alarm goes off, before I know it it’s 8 o’clock the kids are up and the turkey is already in the oven.  My wife and mother in-law sit down and look through all the ads setting up their game plan for the morning, (they do not go out on thanksgiving night, family time is more important).  We sip our coffee watch the parade with the kids, periodically getting up checking the turkey.  Few hours later the turkey is ready my father in-law comes over and makes his famous whipped potatoes (best whipped potatoes east of the Mississippi).  We all sit down and have a wonderful feast which then leads to watching nothing other then FOOTBALL!!  Later that night we go visit my wife’s grandmother, her aunts and uncles (which come up from Virginia).  After a wonderful day of relaxing, eating and chitchat, I sneak in a few slices of pie and start to doze off.

Without Valu being closed Thanksgiving NONE of this would be possible.  On behalf of the Thorpe Family we Thank You VALU HOME CENTERS!”

-Cody Thorpe, Assistant Manager in Owego, NY

“The Valu of New Traditions: Having worked for a big box retailer for 8 years, our family had developed some Thanksgiving day traditions like getting home at 2AM on Wednesday night after setting up for Black Friday. We put the turkey in the oven at 4 AM so we could eat dinner by 11 AM, because Dad has to get some sleep before he returns to the store to ready it for the 5 AM opening, or worse now, opening up on Thanksgiving night at 6 PM. Yes, the tradition of spending time without Dad has been firmly set for years. It’s the only one my 9 year-old daughter knows. My 14 year-old son just figures it’s a fact of life, part of growing up and having a job. My wife deals with it by doing all the things with the kids (maybe without watching the football game).

This year, we’re a member of a new family, the Valu Family, and we’re starting a new tradition: family time with the whole family. We’ll eat at a normal time, we’ll sit around and talk, and maybe even watch some football (or not…but at least now we have a choice). We’ll make out our Christmas lists. We’ll spend quality time together. We’ll call other family members and be able to speak with them as a complete family!
We are extremely grateful to be part of a company that places family values ahead of monetary ones. You just don’t see that these days. Yes, we’re starting some new tradtions this year – some that WE really Valu.”

 -Jay Taclof, Floor Manager in Syracuse, NY

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