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Valu Crew & Music Monday At The Family Help Center Daycare

On April 24th, volunteers from Valu Crew joined The Family Help Center Daycare for Music Monday!

Music Monday kicked off the Family Help Center‘s celebration for Week of the Young Child. The Week of the Young Child™ is an annual celebration hosted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) celebrating early learning, young children, their teachers and families. According to the NAEYC, “Through music, children develop math, language, and literacy skills – All while having fun and being active!”

Dave Riffel, Nate Noworyta, and Diana Nowak-Riffel (aka Danusia Beatz) are Valu Crew volunteers from the Valu Home Centers Team, but also members of the Buffalo-based band Pangea!

Dave, Nate, and Diana volunteered their time and talents to teach the children at the Family Help Center Daycare how to make music using some unusual objects like buckets, paint sticks, and storage totes. There was a lot of clapping, singing, and dancing!

The Family Help Center is a “home away from home” for many children and parents.

The Center offers a comfortable and nurturing environment for group interaction, child care programming, parent training sessions, family socials and a variety of other functions. The Family Help Center also provides services to teens and parents, ranging from youth empowerment and leadership to crisis intervention, mentoring, support counseling, facilitating peer groups on self esteem, bullying, and social skills. The Center has a 24-hour support line for parents and families that provide a comforting voice and connection to services that provide immediate response to their needs – no waiting list, no fee.

Valu Crew volunteers take an active role in bettering the communities that we serve, and amaze our customers with their hard work and dedication.

This initiative puts the do-it-yourself knowledge of the Valu Home Centers Team in action through service to our community.

“I love spreading my love for music to anyone interested,”

said Dave Riffel, Video Production Manager at Valu home Centers & regular Valu Crew volunteer, “especially kids! Music is so important because it unifies, energizes, and inspires people across every culture, background and age. Like many musicians, I discovered my love for music as a kid. As I grew up, it became like a best friend – always there when I need it, in good times and tough. The kids were so wide-eyed and happy when we played music together! (I hope I helped them realize the difference between noise and music!) Learning to play an instrument is the ultimate DIY project – no one can do it for you, you just have to dig in with your own two hands through the process, unearth your own creative potential and take pride in your creations!”

Check out more photos from Music Monday in this slide show!

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