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Valu Crew Paints the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum

Once around is never enough.

That’s the motto of the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum — a cultural gem of North Tonawanda, NY. This past month, our Valu Crew volunteers gave the museum a fresh coat of Valspar paint.

The Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum before being painted by Valu Crew Volunteers.
The museum space before being painted by our fabulous volunteers.

The museum is listed on both the New York State and National Registers of Historic Sites.

The factory complex is a series of seven interconnected structures which once housed all of the manufacturing components of the Allan Herschell Company. Allan Herschell purchased the building in 1915, the building was home to a large carving shop, a paint shop, a storage area, an upholstery shop, a machine shop, and a roundhouse where carousels were assembled and tested before shipping.

The Allan Herschell Carrousel Factory achieves significance as one of only two surviving manufacturing complexes associated with the production of carousels during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. With its architectural integrity intact, the factory is a unique link with this bygone industry, which once provided one of America’s favorite forms of recreation.

The National Register of Historic Sites, 1985 

The carousel horses might be old, but that doesn’t mean the paint job has to be!

The folks over at the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum decided to brighten the room with a light gray color and soft, green accents. Our volunteers wasted no time in getting to work!

Valu Crew gives Valu Home Centers team members the opportunity to put their DIY knowledge to use in the community.

Since the first Valu Home Centers was opened in 1968, we have been committed to giving back to the communities that we serve. We are proud of our hands-on involvement in the community, and we feel it is our responsibility to give back to the people of the cities and towns where our stores are located. Valu Crew enables any member of the Valu Home Centers team to take an active role in bettering our community and to amaze our customers with our hard work and dedication.

The crew got a chance to use our brand new line of Valspar paint.

Valspar Integrity premium latex paint instantly beautifies and enhances walls and woodwork. This fast-drying paint offers the durability, stain resistance and easy cleaning of enamel paint! Visit your local Valu Home Centers to learn more about our new Valspar paints.

The space that Valu Crew painted was originally the factory’s paint shop.

Now used as a showroom, the large paint shop was once where the carousel horses were elaborately decorated. The textured surface of the walls is actually build up from hundreds, or even thousands, of layers of spray paint. Take a look below!

A little paint goes a long way.

After two long days of painting, our volunteers’ work finally paid off! We were able to give the space a bright, fresh look while preserving the historic atmosphere of the museum. And best of all, the subtler colors put the focus where it belongs — the intricately designed horses.

After a hard day’s work, our volunteers earned themselves a ride on the 1916 #1 Special.

This historic carousel has 36 hand carved horses and over 580 lights.  The carousel was intended as a thrill ride for adults. The museum’s carousel is unique because it combines two different styles of horses. The larger horses on the outer row of the carousel are the ‘new and improved’ 1916 Allan Herschell style while the two inner rows of horses are an from the late 1890s.

We know what you’re thinking…

When can I go for a ride?!

Lucky for you, the season starts April 3rd! Click here to learn more about hours and admission for the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum.

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