Valu Home Centers #34 in West Erie, PA

Since 1987

Valu Home Centers

2147 West 12th Street
Erie, PA 16505
Phone: (814) 455-5958

About this Location

Valu Home Centers is located at 2147 West 12th Street in Erie, PA near the intersection of West 12th Street and Pittsburgh Avenue.

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Manager: Randy Vroman
Manager: Randy Vroman

About the Manager

Randy joined the Valu Home Centers team in August of 2014. He loves helping customers who might be having a bad day and turning it around for them -- all with our Valu's unique brand of knowledge and friendliness, of course. For Randy, truly amazing a customer means going above and beyond. He strives to think outside the box and give each customer an experience they can't find anywhere else. When he's not at work, Randy enjoys playing and listening to music. In fact, he can play five instruments! Randy takes pride in managing his team and representing Valu's family-owned values. In his own words, "It's the way we AMAZE that brightens up the days!"