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Yardzee DIY Giant Lawn Dice Game

It’s the classic dice game Yahtzee, super-sized for the backyard! Learn how to make your own “Yardzee” game with Valu Home Centers.

Supply List:

  • One 4×4 board (at least 1.5 ft long)
  • 5 Gal. Valu bucket
  • Minwax wood finish – any color
  • Staining pad
  • Any color paint for your dice dots (we used Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover)
  • Q-tips
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Circular saw
  • Drill with forstner bit
  • Sand paper
  • Palm sander (optional)
  • Latex gloves (optional)

STEP 1) Mark your 4×4 at 3.5″ intervals and cut out five pieces. Since a 4×4 is actually 3.5 inches, you’ll end up with five perfect cubes.

STEP 2) Sand the cube smooth on each side and round the corners. Using an actual dice or a photo for reference, mark where your dots should go on each side. Now you have a couple of options. You can drill, stain, paint, burn, or use any other method to get your dots. We’re going to drill a shallow hole at each point using a 5/8 inch forstner bit.

STEP 3) Next, we’ll stain the dice with Minwax Wood Finish. Once it dries we’ll finish by using a q-tip to paint the dots on with Rust-Oleum’s Ultra Cover paint.

That’s it! If you need any supplies or tools, be sure to stop in to your neighborhood Valu Home Centers!

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